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Once upon a time two young cousins, from opposite sides of the world, splashed playfully around in a pool.

Many years later, they reunited and a compassionate venture changed the course of their lives forever.

KissinCussin is the brain-child of cousins Jess Brown and Hayley Maynard.

The label, already making waves on the Australian fashion scene since its conception in 2007, was founded out of passion when the girls volunteered to rebuild a small Sri Lankan village in the aftermath of the 2004 tsunami.

Jess and Hayley were immediately inspired by the amazing people, vibrant landscapes, mountains, palms, coastlines and the wonderful chaos of Sri Lanka's famous Pettah markets, where wacky fabrics, quirky buttons and unbelievably cute prints, from flowers to spaceships to umbrellas to apples, cemented the way forward for, soon to be, print based label KissinCussin.

KissinCussin embodies the adventures of two cousins and offers something fresh, colourful and unique. Inspired by the environment, the people of Sri Lanka and a love of freedom, fashion and adventure, the label is a fusion of their two personalities and style and has an ethical outlook. Working closely in Talalla Bay, the cousins use local ladies to sew for them, generating livelihoods and supporting women in far reached communities.

With a playful, feminine spirit the KissinCussin girl strides confidently through her every day, following dreams and adventures on an open road and living out her life in colour.

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