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                                                               GUANABANA DESIGNS                  

The highly inspired label “Guanabana Designs” is the brainchild of Norwegian designer, Linda Bergskas, who based herself in Newcastle, Australia in 2001.

Guanabana was originally the name of Linda’s first boutique, named after her Diamond Python “Guana Miss Bana” who used to live in the boutique. Guanabana is also the name of a tropical fruit, also known as Soursup, it is similar to a custard apple.

Launched in 2007, Guanabana is already making waves in the Australian fashion scene with its bold vision of relaxed glamour and high-end bohemian style.

The avant-garde label has made modern exoticism an art form, consistently blurring the line between artistic expression and fashion.

Bergskas delivers an effortless fusion of kaleidoscopic colour, prints, beading and adornments.

Bergskas, a former Graphic designer, has utilized her talent to the best of her ability to create amazing graphics, whose prints and patterns are not only aesthetically pleasing but all exclusive to Guanabana. Guanabana prides itself on offering the fashion industry something which is visually different and timeless in its design. In addition to clothing, the ethnic inspired pieces extend to a range of shoes, accessories and swimwear…all with an eye for natural pallets and fibres. 

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