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                                                                ELEVENTH COMMANDMENT


There are only a handful of people alive today who are aware that when the Lord was chilling on Mount Sinai with Moses, she actually passed down Eleven Commandments! Not ten as stated in the Bible.  

The Eleventh Commandment was: Thou shalt always dress with tremendous amounts of style and be furiously good-looking!  

Having received the Commandments from God, Moses took the Eleventh Commandment as the most important and dressed with a great deal of class and style from that day on.  

Because he was such a snappy dresser, Moses began to get a whole lot of love from all the babes who were impressed by his quality threads.  

Unfortunately this angered the rest of the men who were still looking frumpy in their tattered loincloths and sandals.  

The unfashionable men (referred to in Deuteronomy 21:4 as Bogans) were so jealous that they arranged for the Eleventh Commandment to be completely omitted from the Bible.  

They then chased Moses into the desert where he was forced to wander around with his babes for 40 years. He wouldn’t have survived the ordeal if it weren’t for some super sexy premium jeans that protected him.  

Moses passed on the secret of the Eleventh Commandment, which has been handed down through generations of stylish people until the time was right to unleash it upon the world.  

The time is now!

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